4 Most Expensive Yachts in the World

What can be better on a cold November morning than reading about really expensive boats and daydreaming about being out on the water?

Expensive Yachts

From the world’s largest and fastest to an entire floating city and military-grade protection, these rigs are sure to stoke your boat envy and get the brain juices percolating on upgrades for your own vessel, like a new sound system installation.

Expensive Yachts in the World

Here are four of the most expensive yachts in the world, in descending order of price:

  • Azzam – $605 – $650 million

Considering the Azzam is owned by none other than Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nayan, President of the United Arab Emirates and Emir of Abu Dhabi, it makes sense that this massive superyacht might have a bulletproof master suite, personal submarine, and on-board missile defense system. And why not a cinema for good measure to entertain the guests staying in the 50 available suites?

At 590 feet in length, the Azzam is the world’s largest yacht. It is also the fastest, capable of reaching speeds of more than 30 knots.

  • Streets of Monaco – $996.9 million – $1.1 billion

Wouldn’t it be great if you could take the land with you when you set sail? On the Streets of Monaco, you can! This 500-foot superyacht has a not-so-mini reproduction of, you guessed it, the actual city of Monaco on board, complete with parking for other yachts, shops, cafés, swimming pools, sports courts, the Monte Carlo casino, Hotel de Paris, the Loews Hotel, La Rascasse, Café de Paris, and a Grand Prix race track. Oh, and also a miniature waterfall. We think it has some serious marine sound system installations on board to go along with all those buildings and attractions.

  • Eclipse – $370.6 – $800 million – $1.5 billion

The Eclipse once held the honor of being both the world’s largest and most expensive yachts but has ironically been eclipsed by the Azzam and History Supreme (below).

One of the more interesting features of the Eclipse is its rumored anti-paparazzi security. Apparently, this boat has a laser that detects electronic light signatures from digital cameras and emits its own beam of bright light to ruin any photographs that might be taken. A handy thing for any Russian oligarch, who owns this yacht, to have on their yacht, we’re sure.

  • History Supreme – $4.5 – $4.8 billion

What do you buy for that person in your life that has everything? A gold- and a platinum-plated yacht with a meteor rock wall and a sculpture carved from a legitimate Tyrannosaurus Rex bone, that’s what!

With a reported 220,462 pounds of precious metals used in places like the hull, deck, railings, anchor, and master suite, the History Supreme is a 100-foot floating homage to opulence. As an added touch, this boat comes with its own little bit of intrigue – who owns it?

Officially, it’s owned by an anonymous Malaysian businessman. Most people believe Robert Kuok, whose net worth is an estimated $12.5 billion, is the anonymous owner.