9 Best Deals for Marine Electronics in 2018

With summer drawing to a close, now is the time to find wholesale marine electronics. The season for summer boating is ending, which means great deals for you.
With some warm days still ahead, why not upgrade your electronics systems to get the most out of this year, and be ready for the next one? Check out our list of wholesale marine electronics to find what you need this sale season.


Considering that radars are vital to safely navigating your way around, you want to make sure you have a quality radar from a brand you can trust. Here at Imagine Marine we only use the best, such as Garmin, who is well-known for the accuracy of their equipment.
A basic understanding of radars and how they work can help you choose the best one for you.

Chart plotters

Since radars and chart plotters are used together, if you’re looking to upgrade one, it’s a good idea to upgrade the other to keep them compatible. It’s also possible to find a multifunction display that combines a chart plotter with GPS, sonar, and Wi-Fi to receive the latest updates immediately. Simrad Yachting is a trusted supplier, with a high-quality range of products

chart plotter with GP

Marine Lighting

A good lighting system is essential, particularly for anglers. Leisure boaters, yachts, and the docks also benefit from good quality lights from trusted sources. We have more information on choosing the best lighting system for you.

Fish Finding

A day on the water is better and more productive when you’re fishing. The latest fish finding equipment can help you do that. Look for people who get their stock reliable distributors like Lowrance Electronics. Supplying all types and sizes of boats, Lowrance’s equipment combines the best prices with the most modern technology.


This system is often combined with fish finding and chart plotting. A great way to get a multifunction screen is with the Raymarine Dragonfly that has both systems plus GPS and down vision displays.

Satellite TVSatellite TV

There’s no need to miss out on a game or your favorite program with state of the art satellite TV antenna and sound systems. KVH Industries and Fusion Entertainment provide top quality products that go well together. We can ensure you have the best possible customer service to find out what’s right for you.

satellite TV antenna and sound systems


As well as satellite TV, you can also get broadband, for those days when you need to stay in contact with the office while you’re on the water. Get the latest weather reports, news and information to stay connected.


An absolute essential aboard any vessel, a radio can be all that stands between life and death. Making sure you always have the best quality radio for the best price goes without saying. No matter what you need, Icom Radio, and Imagine Marine, has you covered. See what else you need to consider when looking for a new radio.

Night-time and Low Visibility Sensing

If there’s even a chance you’ll be out at night or in low visibility; you’ll need the best sensing equipment. FLIR Systems has 12 different thermal cameras to help you stay safe in all lighting and visibilities.
At Imagine Marine we are committed to ensuring we stock the best brands and highest quality systems from reputable marine electronics wholesale distributors.