Best Locations for Speakers on Your Boat

Best Locations for Speakers

Installing speakers on your boat can be quite easy but getting it right is a little more difficult. When installing your sound system, it’s important to position each speaker carefully, as your music can be easily drowned out by the sound of the boat’s engine.

Most marine speakers come in pairs, and most small boats have space for about 6 – 8 speakers in total. You should be able to connect your 6 – 8 speakers to the outputs of your marine stereo receiver, but if you want to install a sub-woofer or more speakers, you will need to install an additional amplifier.

While you may be handy, you should seriously consider professional installation instead of DIY. There are too many things that can go wrong, such as accidentally penetrating the hull or accidental electric problems that you may unknowingly cause.

Where to put your speakers.

Once you’re ready to install your speakers, you need to carefully consider where to put them.

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The most important thing to consider is the best place for sound quality, but don’t forget to place your speakers in a place where they will not be damaged easily.

The layout of your speakers for your marine custom installation is also important. As most marine speakers come in pairs, you should always install them directly opposite each other with as much distance as possible between them.

The best way to do this is to install the speakers along the sides of the boat onto flat (not curved) surfaces.

The speakers should be pointed towards the listener’s ears where possible, although this can sometimes be difficult.

Many small boats have spaces for speakers along seat bases or inwales, which are the horizontal supports found on open decked boats.

These positions are very low and would require marine speakers to be pointed in an upward direction to reach the listener’s ear.

Unfortunately, installing your speakers like this will cause a lot of the sound to be lost, and this impacts the sound clarity negatively.

Most boats have a lot of open spaces, so speakers pointing in an upward direction will lose a lot of sound to the open air and sea.

Every custom marine audio installation should have its speakers higher up and be pointing in a downward direction towards the listener’s ears where possible, to give the clearest sound clarity on your boat.

custom marine audio installation

Important things to avoid

Your marine speakers should be positioned in places where they will not be damaged easily.

They should not be installed at foot level where passengers may accidentally kick or trip over them.

Do not install them in or near places where they will be splashed often like your boat’s splash-well.

You should also make sure that you don’t install your speakers on to an upholstered or curved surface.
You must not install your speakers too close to sensitive equipment on your boat, for example, the compass. The speaker’s magnet will cause interference.

Many marine custom installations choose speaker locations close to or backed onto storage areas.

This can cause some problems with the snagging and pulling of cables when you are using your storage area.

With this in mind, you should ensure that you tie loose cables at the rear of speakers with zip ties or wire looms.

Make sure your speakers are high and point downward towards your ears, and always install them away from sensitive equipment or instruments and away from easy-to-splash areas.

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