Boat Lighting Installations in Gross Point, MI

Boat lighting is a great benefit for both you and other vessels out on the water. It’s a way of communication in daylight as well as nighttime hours. Keeping yourself and others as safe as possible while out on the water is important, so maintaining proper lighting is a must.

You might assume that your boat came straight from the factory with the proper lighting. However, this isn’t always true. Speaking with a professional about the lighting requirements and being sure your boat is up to code can save more than just time and money—it could save a life.

Boat Lighting Installations

Following the Laws

Proper boat lighting varies by boat size, and there are specific laws regarding lighting to alert other boaters of your position.

Red, Green, and White

To tell other watercraft your location and let them know your direction, your boat should be equipped with sidelights. Red goes on the port side, green on starboard, white on the stern. When a boat sees red, they’ll know you’re coming in their direction, and they need to stop. When they see green, they’ll know you’re moving away, and it’s safe to go.

Navigation Lights

The laws for your navigation lights might include two lights, a single light, or even just a lantern as is the case with smaller vessels. Knowing which light is required for your boat is critical. The professionals at Imagine Marine can help.

Boat Lighting

Benefits of Professional Installation

Having a professional perform your boat lighting installations can be a great timesaver. It can also keep you from costly mistakes—and the headache that comes along with them. A professional knows which lights are required for your type of boat. They’re also knowledgeable on the proper area to place lights on your vessel. Speak with a professional to have your boat lights installed.


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