Custom Audio Installation in Detroit, MI

Whether you already own a boat or are about to buy a new one, you need to consider what options you would like to install in the boat. If you are thinking of taking some of your friends out on the water for some entertaining, a good choice is for a Custom Audio Installation solution.

Imagine Marine has been completing Custom Audio Installations since 1985. Striving for perfection is their mission, and being a locally owned business, this means customer service is their number one priority.

Imagine Marine only use the finest quality marine materials, including marine wire and shrink tube, to ensure you enjoy the best possible audio experience.

Look at the installation of speakers in this car door. Can you imagine what the exciting possibilities are for your boat?

Custom Audio Installation

What are some of the audio brands Imagine Marine installs?

Not all audio brands are good enough quality to withstand the rigors of what a marine craft endures. However, Imagine Marine have carefully chosen excellent quality audio equipment to suit marine craft.

Some of the audio brands Imagine Marine installs are listed below:

Do Imagine Marine just do Custom Audio Installations?

Because Imagine Marine’s mission is to strive for perfection and excellent customer service, we will do much more than to install your new audio system.

Before you decide what the best audio options are for your boat, we will provide you with a free onsite consultation. When you decide what the best solution is, we then give you one-on-one training for what we install.

Any problems you encounter will be met with a 24/7 customer service that is only a call away.

Everything installed comes with a warranty, and Imagine Marine will not rest until you are happy with the desired result.

A Custom Audio Installation need not be something to be feared when you have professionals like Imagine Marine looking after your needs.


For free on-site installation and one-on-one training, contact Imagine Marine today.


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