Custom or DIY: The Best Sound System for Your Boat

Owning a boat is one of the most pleasant things anyone can do.

Living life on the water and enjoying the peace and quiet of an evening sunset is both refreshing and revitalizing.

Adding a stereo system to play your favorite music can only enhance this experience.

While some mariners choose to install their own sound system, using a marine installation stereo kit, this can lead to severe problems.

Choosing a custom stereo installation done by professionals is the best way to find the best sound system for your boat.

Custom or DIY

The Opening for the System Either too Small Does not Exist

One problem that occurs when retrofitting a new stereo system to a boat that is too large is finding mounting plates and adapters to fit the existing opening.

Many times, these fittings simply are not available and require utilizing considerable skill in the location and purchase of the correct products to finish the project.

The opposite problem is that some boats have a stereo system that needs replacing and may have a cut-out for the old system that is too small or too large for the new one.

While a very creative boat owner who has knowledge of carpentry may be able to solve this dilemma, many owners do not have these skills.

Choosing a business that specializes in customized stereo systems, like Imagine Marine, will help narrow down the decision as to what type, brand, and model of stereo system are right for your size boat.

Professional installers know all the tricks to fit the system into your existing framework.

Installing the Wiring light

Installing the Wiring

Experts agree unless a custom stereo system installation is completed by trained professionals, adding or replacing the existing wiring for your new equipment can lead to damage to your new stereo system and the speakers.

This problem exists because most boat owners do not have the training required or the knowledge of correct wiring procedures.

Understanding how to wire the power to a stereo system as well as understanding the type of wiring, the exact amplitude needed, and how to properly lay the wire, so it does not interfere with boat operations is crucial.

Knowing What Accessories to Choose

Another reason to choose custom installation of the best sound system for your boat over doing it yourself is the help you can get in choosing the stereo accessories that are right for you.

Professionals know the best CD players, waterproof systems, and satellite radio units work best on the water.

We here at Imagine Marine Electronics will ensure that you receive the best possible customer service.

We can provide you with lots of choices based on your boat’s size and configuration. Some of the brands we recommend include Sony, Kenwood, and other major stereo dealers.