Dock Lighting Installations in St. Clair Shores, MI

Sailing out onto Lake St. Clair at night is an extremely fun experience for any family that owns a boat. However, the darkness can make operating a boat much more dangerous, especially when you come in to dock, with the shallower water making encountering an obstacle more likely.

Working on an unlit dock can also make injury more likely.
With technicians who boast many years of experience lighting boats, docks and automobiles, Imagine Marine can help make docking at night less harrowing.

When used to complement onboard boat lighting, our dock lighting installations make your dock more visible from sea and reveal underwater obstructions that might damage your boat.

Our dock lights also illuminate the dock itself to make loading or unloading a boat at night much safer.

Dock Lighting Installations

Professionally Planned Lights

At Imagine Marine, we draw from the expertise of our team to design effective dock lighting systems. Comprised of individuals with many years of experience in marine, automotive, and electronics industries, we understand how to get the best value out of any lighting installation.

To create a lighting design that meets your needs, we use different types of lights to achieve a balance that makes your dock visible from sea without blinding sailors when they get closer. Strip and pendant lights illuminate walkways to make going to and from your boat safer. Lights mounted to the underside of the dock reflect off the water to reveal obstacles without blinding boat pilots, and pole-mounted lights make seeing the dock and other boats easier.

When installing dock lighting, we also take durability and reliability into account. By using corrosion-resistant components, we build our dock lighting installations to last for many years.

Schedule a Free On-Site Consultation

If you’re thinking of extending boating hours into the night at your dock but lack the lighting to do so, talk to us. Our services include a free on-site consultation to work with you to create a dock lighting system that best fits your needs.


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