Marine Stereo Installation in Clinton Township, MI

Marine Stereo

Imagine a hot summer’s day. The sun is beating down, and all you want to do is take your boat out on Lake Michigan, have a few drinks, and listen to some music.

Some may use their cell phone; others may use portable speakers, however, to really enjoy your summer experience what better way to listen to some tunes than from stereo speakers installed in your boat?

The experts at Imagine Marine have not only the knowledge and experience to help you choose the proper marine stereo for your boat, but also, we have the hands-on customer service that no other brand can provide.

Brand Names

Imagine Marine provides only top of the line audio for your marine stereo installation.

We ensure that whatever we are installing in your boat, it will not only last in terms of number of years, but it can also face even the roughest conditions your boat may undergo.

Reliable brands include JL Audio, Rocksford Fosgate, Corporation, Kenwood Corporation, and Fusion Entertainment among others.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Marine Stereo Installation

Not only does Imagine Marine install the best quality marine stereos but we also look to incorporate the newest and greatest technology into your boat.

We realize your boat is more than just an item, it is an extension of your home, so why not treat it as such?

Our marine stereo installation systems include the most state-of-the-art technology on the market today, including Bluetooth technology, USB plug-ins for your cell phone or tablet device and, AM/FM radio and weather reports so you can ensure your boat is always being lead into safe waters. We’ll even install equipment at your dock.


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