Sony Marine Products in Harrison Twp, MI

Sony Marine

When choosing your marine stereo and speakers, you want a brand you can trust. Sony marine products can give you an excellent quality, long lasting sound system on your boat or yacht. Sony’s products are packed full of the latest technology and excellent weatherproofing to ensure your product can perform well on your open-aired boat.

Smart stereo receivers

Sony marine stereo receivers feature the latest technology that you may only expect from high-end car stereos. Receivers feature Bluetooth and NFC, which enable one-button connectivity to your phone for easy streaming while steering. Receivers can also be paired with Apple’s Siri or Google’s Assistant for full voice control. This enables you to playback tracks, get directions, and send text messages all while at the helm of your boat or yacht.

Each available stereo receiver also features a high-quality amp for excellent sound output and connectivity to your speakers. The output can also be programmed and adjusted with an onboard graphics equalizer for a precision audio response. Sony stereo receivers also feature USB connectivity with a wide range of audio formats supported including MP3, WMA, and even FLAC.

All these excellent features are protected with anti-corrosive, UV resistance specifically designed for the marine environment and a high contrast display, which can be viewed in bright sunlight.

Marine Products

Excellent speakers

Also, within the Sony marine product range are excellent speakers, which come in pairs. Each set features excellent sound and frequency response to ensure crystal clear sound and playback. Expect clear high and mid-range sounds with a punchy, rich bass response.

All Sony Marine speakers feature an IPx5 certification, which ensures all components of the speaker are protected from harsh marine environments like salt water, high winds, and bright sun exposure. The speakers are built to fit into standard speaker enclosures on your boat so you will have no problem upgrading your speakers.


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