Speaker Spotlight: 4 Best Sound Systems for Your Boat

Speaker Spotlight

When you look at the calendar, you may be thinking that boating season is quickly coming to an end, but rest assured there is plenty of great boating to be had. And, before you start thinking about winterizing, maybe you should really be considering some quick and easy upgrades to your boat so that you can make the most of these final weeks.

When it comes to making some simple upgrades, one of the easiest things you should be looking at is your sound system.

When it comes to marine audio installation, there are many excellent sound systems. Let’s look at some of the more popular ones that would make a great addition to your boat.

1. JL Audio

When it comes to choosing a sound system for your boat, obviously you are looking for one that provides excellent sound quality. But, you also want a system that can withstand the elements.

When you’re out enjoying your boat, your sound system is going to be exposed to water, sun, and wind.

Since going into business in 1975, JL Audio is known for its quality products. With a wide range of products related to all parts of your sound system, JL Audio has everything you and your boat need to provide you with a fantastic audio system.

2. Sony

Worldwide Sony is known as a leader of quality sound systems.

And, when it comes to marine audio, it continues to be one of the premier providers of sound systems.

UV-resistant and anti-corrosive coating are standard on their Bluetooth Marine CD Receivers allowing these systems to stand up to the sun and humidity.

3. Kenwood

Founded in 1946, the Japanese-based company, Kenwood, has long since been one of the top producers of luxury audio systems.

This continues to be the case when it comes to equipping your boat with a sound system.

Their receivers are designed with a theft deterrent faceplate and allow for wireless music browsing when you install the Kenwood remote app on your phone.

And, if you’re a Spotify or Pandora user, your marine audio receiver can stream your favorite playlists while you’re out enjoying your day on the water.

4. Fusion
The Apollo RA770 by Fusion is the world’s first touchscreen marine stereo with built-in WIFI, making Fusion an innovator when it comes to marine audio systems.

And, you can be assured your Apollo sound system is up-to-date as all software updates can be done via your smartphone and the Fusion-Link app.

Fusion is definitely a sound system for those looking for cutting-edge technology.

Final Thoughts

Don’t let this boating season come to an end without taking a look at your current audio system. When it comes to custom audio installation in Michigan for your boat, know that you have choices.

JL Audio, Sony, Kenwood, and Fusion all have sound systems that will deliver quality audio designed specifically for your boating pleasure.

Your days out on the water will be infinitely more fun when you have great music to go along with sunshine and waves.