Spotlight: Raymarine Marine Radar (550)

Raymarine Marine Radar

If you are on the market for a reliable radar system that works day and night regardless of what happens, then it pays to check out the highly rated Raymarine Marine Radar. Available in open array or radome configurations, the system is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of vessels, making it a great option for the entry-level and experienced boater alike.

The benefits of open array radar

When it comes to power, the spinning open array radar comes out on tops with a range of 96 nautical miles, making it the option of choice for boat users looking for powerful radar detection. The Magnum™ Open Array Radar offers an additional advantage, which allows you to clearly view the shoreline as well as targets that are densely packed together, allowing you to make clearer decisions.

But at 60 pounds total weight and with the demand for free space for the parts to move, you’re going to need a reasonably large craft. If you own a powerboat, commercial craft, then this option would work perfectly.

The streamlined radome fit

On the other hand, the more enclosed radome makes it a lightweight, easy to use system makes it a good fit for smaller crafts or for boat owners who don’t have a pressing demand for a high level of power. There are three types of radomes on offer: Quantum Radome, the Quantum 2 with Doppler, and the HD Color Radome.

Quantum Radome

The Quantum Radome and the Quantum 2 with Doppler are the perfect radar for smaller sized boats, such as sailboats, RIBs, and smaller sized powerboats. With a shorter range of 24 nautical miles, although they don’t have the range of the open array, they’re still capable of identifying targets as close as 18 feet away.

Easy to install, they are designed to be more energy efficient than other more powerful models. The Doppler provides additional weather-related information, a great add-on for any boater eager to keep informed on changes in the environment.

HD Color Radome

The HD Color Radome is the more powerful selection in Raymarine Marine Electronicsrange of offerings and is a great option for those looking for a beefy option but lack the space to place a full open array radar. Unlike the other radars, this model is offered in full HD color, providing a better, clearer, easier to differentiate visually.

Detection range differs between the 18” and 24” models, with a nautical mile range offering of 24 and 48. Quite a step up from the Quantum Radomes’ standard 24 nautical miles, if that is your main concern.

radar detection

Automatic bird detection mode

Raymarine Marine Electronics has thought of everything when it comes to radar detection and has built-in automatic bird detection mode into its two premium models: the HD Color Radome and the Magnum™ Open Array Radar. Whether you’re looking to avoid birds or engage with them as part of your fishing strategy, Raymarine has you covered.

The trusted name in radar detection

You can trust that with Raymarine Marine Electronics’ trusted range you will have a clear line of radar detection in any traffic, throughout any potential hazards on the water, and in any weather conditions. Contact us today to find out how Raymarine Marine Radars can enhance your experience on the water.