The 5 Best Boating Podcasts of 2018

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Do you want to learn about the latest in fish finders? Or, are you searching for the perfect marine LED lights for your boat? Do you love to listen to funny stories from other boaters? Then you don’t need to grab a book or search the internet for the latest article. You should be listening to some podcasts.

Podcasts are ever growing in popularity, and it seems like you can find podcasts related to just about every subject under the sun – and boating is no exception. There are many great boating podcasts available for you to listen to on your phone, computer – even Alexa can play a podcast for you! Here’s a look at 5 of the best boating podcasts of 2018.

  1. World of Boating Radio Show

    This nationally syndicated radio show airs live on Saturdays from 2-3 pm but is also available via archived podcasts. With the archived podcasts available to download whenever and wherever you can listen to the World of Boating Radio Show at your leisure. While many of the blogs have a slightly irreverent spin to them, you can always count on the World of Boating Radio Show to deliver current news and information that is pertinent to today’s boaters.

  2. Boat Radio

    No matter if you are a casual boater, an experienced captain or a sailor searching for adventure, Boat Radio is a great listen. This show discusses everything from tales of adventure on the water to Asian carp invasion to sneak previews of some of the nation’s biggest boat shows. With over 300 podcasts you will have plenty to listen to as you are driving to your slip or spending the day on the water.

  3. On the Wind

    This podcast is hosted by Andy Schell and is designed for those who love sailing. Andy spends time talking to sailors from around the globe as they share tales and adventures that they have experienced on the water. This podcast has been around for several years now, and there’s a good reason for that. The conversations are in-depth, and you will feel like Andy, and his guests are talking to you from your living room.

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  4. Boating Industry Insider

    While there are only a few episodes of this podcast available, it should still be on your “must-listen” list. If you want an inside look at the boating industry, including what products will be hot for the upcoming boating season – like satellite television and marine LED lights in Michigan – download this podcast. The episodes are short and perfect for a quick listen. Hopefully, there will be new episodes soon!

  5. Maritime History Podcast

    Do you love boating and history? If yes, this is a great podcast for you. Taking you all the way back to the Bronze Age you will learn how and why boating emerged as civilizations grew and spread around the world. If you like some spooky tales about ships be sure to check out their Halloween special podcasts. They are great fun to listen to even if it’s not Halloween!

    These five boating podcasts are available to download for free on various platforms. You can listen to them in your car, as you exercise or, of course, on your boat. Be sure to set your podcasts to download automatically so you can be listening to the latest from each of these great shows.