Top 5 Marine Accessories

Top 5 Marine Accessories

As the 2018 boating season picks up, it is time to consider what accessories will make your boating experience better than ever this year. The type of accessory obviously depends on what you use your boat for, but there are some solid choices for accessories no matter the journey.  Here are 5 of the most impressive marine accessories online today.

1. Garmin ECHOMAP Plus 92sv

For the many boaters who have a passion for sport fishing, there is the ECHOMAP Plus from Garmin.  The 92sv version has a huge 9” screen that is easy to see even with the bright sunshine reflecting off the water.  The ECHOMAP has the Garmin CHIRP sonar, including the ClearVü and SideVü. In addition, there are preloaded base maps and the Quickdraw Contours feature which maps out your fishing experience in real-time. The sonar images with the ECHOMAP are incredibly impressive, with super clear and detailed images.  Another bonus of Garmin products is the ActiveCaptain app that allows you to connect with your equipment remotely.

2. Fusion StereoActive

The Fusion StereoActive is a must-have for all water sports enthusiasts.  The StereoActive is a portable speaker that is IPx7 rated for water resistance.  This speaker fits easily onto any of the PUCK mounts from Fusion, which means it can be mounted to any of the marine equipment you are using – boat, paddleboard, jet-ski, you name it.  The sound is impeccably clear, and music can come from Bluetooth, USB, or the AM/FM tuner that is included. Bonus, there is Weatherband radio also available for users who reside in North America.  Oh yeah, and it floats!

3. Fusion ActiveSafe

While we are on the topic of Fusions innovative new products, let’s discuss the ActiveSafe.  Like other Fusion products, it can be affixed to surfaces by any of the PUCK mounts, it is IPx7 water resistant, and it floats.  The ActiveState is a necessity in the technological world we live in, where we need to be connected at all times. Now you can engage in boating, kayaking, and paddle-boarding without having to leave your phone and keys behind, and without having to worry about accidental damage caused by water, or completely losing items to the depths.

IPx7 water resistant

4. Lumitec Accent Lighting

Yes, all of the Lumitec accent lighting. There are 6 different options, and which you will prefer is dependent on what you are looking for from an aesthetic point of view.  The Andros is a popular choice due to the pleasing stainless steel appearance, as well as sleek, clean lines. The Lumitec accent lighting is LED and meant to be used with 12vDC options.  This lighting adds visibility for nighttime boating, which is a safety measure as well as convenience for those on the craft. The cool glow has white, blue, and red options, which can be changed depending on event or mood. Great accessory for those who like to relax on the water, under the stars.

5. SIMRAD GO12 XSE with Basemap

The GO12 XSE navigation system may be made for small watercraft, but it comes with big features.  In addition to the super clear and bright, touch widescreen, there is a GPS system built-in, it can be connected wirelessly to other devices such as smartphones, and it has a state of the art sonar system for fish location.  The GO12 XSE also has the capabilities of acting as a remote for any electronics onboard and monitoring the mechanical operations of the watercraft. This is a must-have for the tech enthusiasts out there.

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